TPM’s Coronavirus Efforts and Tips for Residents

Erika Davis

As we approach the second year of the pandemic, we want our tenants to know that TAWANI Property Management remains committed to keeping our buildings safe and sanitized for our residents. Your health and safety are always a priority for us, and we are continuing to monitor and adjust our strategies to comply with city officials and the CDC.

We would like to be transparent on our efforts to suppress the virus in our properties. Our cleaning staff is sanitized three time per day which includes, wiping down and/or spraying with Disinfectant. The staff sanitizes six days per week in the morning, afternoon and evening (from 4-6 p.m.). The staff sanitizes:

  • Doorknobs;
  • Handrails;
  • Elevator buttons;
  • Washing and drying machines;
  • Exercise rooms including machines; and
  • Light switches (where applicable).

We do not have sanitizing spray dispensers placed in common areas, but common areas are constantly being sprayed with Disinfectant. If you aren’t feeling well, please quarantine and make sure you’re wearing masks covering your nose and mouth when in the common areas.

As it relates to the gyms, we strongly encourage each resident to sanitize the equipment before and after each use to ensure cleanliness and safety.  The gym wipe dispensers are filled by maintenance. If you are in the gym and see that dispensers are low or empty, please contact us.

Aside from what we are doing to keep you safe, below are TPM’s top tips that you can do on your own.

  1. Wash and sanitize your hands. Avoid touching walls in the hallways. As soon as you get home, wash your hands before touching anything. We supply paper products in the public restroom at Farcroft, and foaming hand sanitizer in all the properties.
  2. Stock up on food and household items. The newest variant is spreading rapidly. You never know if or when you’ll get sick and must quarantine. While at the store, stock up on food, cleaning supplies and medicines. Don’t hoard because space is limited but keep extra things in your home to avoid the hassle of going through delivery companies or asking friends/ family members to go to the store on your behalf.
  3. Clean and disinfect your space. Keep disinfecting spray or wipes in your home. You can also mix water and bleach in a spray bottle to wipe down surfaces and doors. After having company, disinfect the couches and seats that they were in. Keeping your space clean is the best thing you can do to further protect you and your family.
  4. Communicate always. Ask the people around you if they have been exposed to Covid. If you do not ask, you will never know. If you plan to have a small gathering, make sure that you reiterate to others that they should not come if they were exposed. If you have questions for us, please reach out. TPM wants you to stay informed on our efforts during this time.