Employee Spotlight: Meet Mauricio Hernandez, Maintenance Technician

TAWANI Property Management (TPM) has many employees who work hard behind the scenes to maintain our properties and residents’ homes. Each quarter, we highlight one of our amazing members of the TAWANI Property Management (TPM) family. We want to acknowledge our employees’ contributions and give our residents a chance to become more familiar with the individuals they see and interact with around the buildings.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Mauricio Hernandez, Maintenance Technician. Read Mauricio’s interview to learn more about his role at TPM and what he loves about his position.

1. How long have you been working for TAWANI Property Management?

I have been happily working for TAWANI Property Management for five years.

2. What are your job responsibilities?

My job responsibilities include providing maintenance to the buildings I am assigned. Sometimes it’s a minor repair, and sometimes it’s general maintenance from natural wear and tear. I take pride in my work – my duties ensure that the residents are safe and the buildings run efficiently.

3. What do you love about your job?

What I love most about my job is that I am confident in what I do. I’ve been in maintenance for 15 years, so although it’s a tough job with a lot of responsibilities, I can rely on my experience, and the tasks come easily to me. Also, the people I work with are great!

4. How do you feel about working for TPM?

I like working with TPM because it is well-known and established, with an excellent reputation. In my experience, TPM cares about more than just me as their employee; they also take my family into consideration. The benefits are great as well!

5. What do you want residents to know about you?

Although English is my second language, I do my best to understand the situation and provide the needed services. I strive to represent TPM to the best of my ability and provide them with quality service.

6. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Working with such great people is rewarding. I feel like my co-workers have gotten to know me well, and it’s a pleasure to see them every day. Also, I feel rewarded when I take on a challenging job and can get it done without problems.

7.Are you from Chicago? If so, what do you love about Chicago?

I’m originally from El Salvador. However, my wife is from Chicago, and I have grown to love what the windy city has to offer. From the beautiful skyline to all the amazing food like pizza, hotdogs, and beef sandwiches, there are so many reasons I love living here. Chicago also has food that reminds me of my home in El Salvador. I recommend Bryanna’s restaurant if you want to try some “Pupusas,” a typical Salvadoran dish!

8. Do you have any hobbies besides fixing things?

I enjoy vacationing with my family and going fishing.

9. Do you have any maintenance certificates?

I have my HVAC Technician Certification.

10. Anything else that you want residents to know about you?

I am a positive and determined person!

Be sure to speak to Mauricio if you see him around the buildings!