Hybrid, Return-to-Work, or Fully Remote? How Workplace Trends Will Impact Chicago

When it comes to workplace trends in Chicago, the dust hasn’t fully settled since the 2020 stay-at-home mandate. ABC7 Chicago reports that half of Chicagoans still work from home at least a few days a week. Crain’s Chicago has recorded increased remote work opportunities available to city residents. On the other hand, a survey from Résumé Builder found that nationally, 90% of CEOs plan to implement a full return-to-the-office plan by the end of 2024. What can we expect in the years ahead? And how will these trends impact Chicago?

As a Chicago-based property management company with residential and commercial properties across the city, we’ve seen our share of trends come and go. Here are four things that we see shaping the Chicago landscape in the years ahead:

  1. In-Person Work Will Continue, but Flexibility Will Matter: There were questions about whether or not hybrid work would continue beyond the pandemic, but it’s here to stay. So are jobs that are entirely in-person or fully remote: despite headlines, all three models will remain, even if they vary in popularity. What’s vital in any work model is increased flexibility. The ability to adjust hours around things like family needs and commuting patterns will continue to play a role in the future of work. Space flexibility is also essential. We’re seeing increased numbers of Chicago businesses develop creative ways to utilize their spaces, from office sharing to event rentals.
  2. Quality Will Always Count: Functional, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing buildings endure, even during cycles of change. An apartment building or condo complex should make people feel at home, whether they’re working remotely full-time or commuting to a physical worksite five days a week. A commercial space should provide a foundation for a business to succeed. Regardless of circumstance, our goal is always to provide quality environments for living and working in Chicago.
  3. Homes Will Continue to Be Multi-Purpose: It’s not just hybrid and remote work that have changed how people spend time at home. The growth of streaming platforms, at-home-workout formats, and delivery services mean people’s homes have become movie theaters, gyms, and shopping hubs. Chicago offers the best of both worlds – we can enjoy at-home options while also taking advantage of in-person opportunities to dine, shop, and enjoy entertainment right outside our doors. This level of choice can ease some of the work/life balance pressures people used to face without these added conveniences.
  4. Change Will Drive Innovation: What’s exciting about workplace changes is the innovation it sparks. We’re staying on top of changes in the real estate industry and listening to our tenants and customers to understand how their needs are changing. Chicago is a resilient city that continues to attract tourists, residents, and businesses year after year and flourishes beyond every trend.

More changes will be ahead, but Chicago will always be a fantastic place to call home. If you are looking for a new workspace, contact the TAWANI Property Management office at 312-374-9785.





Workplace Trends Will Impact Chicago