TAWANI Property Management’s Top Five Spring Cleaning & Decorating Tips

Spring has sprung! Time for cleaning, organizing and redecorating your home. While cleaning can be annoying and time consuming, most agree it IS necessary. Use our five tips to help you get started.

Make a plan

Start with a plan! Spring cleaning can be overwhelming. Figure out which room you’d like to complete first. Then, plan a start time, and stick to it. Try not to plan all your cleaning for one day because you’ll tire yourself out, or worse – call it quits. The process doesn’t have to be stressful. Take your time and make sure to plan breaks! Follow a checklist like the one below to help organize your day:

  1. Clean under your bed
  2. Spot clean rugs
  3. Shampoo carpets
  4. Declutter closets
  5. Clean oven with baking soda or oven cleaning product
  6. Clean your windows and screens
  7. Replace bedding
  8. Wipe baseboards
  9. Clean walls
  10. Sanitize furniture with fabric spray

Throw away and donate

We all have things that we don’t use. So, take a good look at your closets, under your bed, storage bins or anywhere else you store things. Get rid of items you know you don’t need, and items you haven’t used in years. There is always someone who is in need and donations are a great way to help. Try places like Green Element Resale and The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center. Or, if you have clothes that don’t fit, take them to your local shelter. You can also consider selling things online. Other items to simply throw away might old papers and mail. Be sure to shred or rip things that are confidential. The key to an organized and clean home is parting ways with what you no longer need or want.

Dust your entire home

Springtime is usually when allergies are the worst. With grass and flowers causing constant sneezing, red eyes, and sore throats, eliminate dust as another factor. Consider cleaning  bookshelves, the tops of cabinets, light fixtures, light bulbs, furniture, door frames, picture frames, vases, and anything else that collects dust. Don’t forget to dust your televisions and mirrors as well. Microfiber towels work great on surfaces that scratch easily and dust mops accomplish this task in almost all other areas.

Use storage bin and labels

Whether you already have or plan to buy storage bins, aim to get storage bins that are big, or small enough to fit in your home. Think about where storage bins will be stored and buy labels – these will keep you from searching through a ton of bins to find that one needed item. If you already own bins, take some time to look through each and reorganize. From holiday decorations to extra linens, take the time to know what’s in your bins to ensure easy future access.

Decorate for fun

After you’ve cleaned and organized your home, have some fun decorating! It is always exciting giving your home a new look. Go to stores like Andy’s Art Antiques & Oddities, Poshwire and Target to find new throw pillows, pictures, rugs and lamps. You might even consider shopping on Amazon to change the color theme of your kitchen and bathroom. Go to Andersonville Galleria for home smell goods, candles and candle holders.

Keep in mind that TPM does not allow installations of backsplash or wall and ceiling fixtures without management approval or changing of any mechanical or plumbing fixtures without prior approval from the office. If walls are painted, please have a certified painter.

Use our above tips to help you make your spring-cleaning and decorating easier and fun. Remember that you can always contact TPM with questions.




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